Winter can be brutal on our skin. I compulsively buy lotion because my skin is always dry. In winter, nothing seems to help and my itchy, winter skin is driving me crazy. So, I asked my esthetician what to do about it. Rachel Geschke is a licensed esthetician and acne specialist in the Milwaukee area. She gave me these winter skin care tips to keep your skin looking and feeling its best this winter.

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7 Do’s and Don’ts to Soothe Dry Winter Skin

  1.  Do consider Vaseline or Aquafor your best friend! If your skin is dry from the elements, you can use either product to provide a barrier on irritated areas.  Use them before cleansing your skin or apply exfoliating serums. If you use Mandelic Serums, Salicylic or Retinol products, use Vaseline or Aquafor first to cover chapped lips, cracks, cold sores, or any other sore areas. Its also great to have two cleansers on hand in case your skin goes from normal to sensitive, dry or chapped. Keep one cleanser that exfoliates and another gentle cleanser for sensitive skin.
  2. Do keep your lips hydrated. Aquafor or Vaseline make great lip products too. The size of the molecule in these products is too large to penetrate pores and cause blackheads around the lip. Chapstick can contain exfoliants, which can dry out your lips. Plus, almost all over the counter lip products contain ingredients like coconut oil or shea butter, which can block pores. They may feel good on the lips but can lead to blackheads around the mouth in 3-6 months if you are prone to acne!
  3.  Do take shorter and cooler showers. The hot water in your cleansing or showering routine can dehydrate skin.
  4. Do drink lots of water!
  5. Do layer your skin care like you layer your clothes. Make sure to include a serum or two that hydrates and provides protection for your skin. Choose ingredients like hyaluronic, vitamin C (protects the skin), and green tea (antioxidants and skin protection). Apply lots of a high quality moisturizer and layer this over the top of your serums. Finally, as always, apply sunscreen.
  6. Don’t put your moisturizer around the eye area or on top of the eye unless its an eye cream! Layering those products can be irritating to the sensitive skin around our eyes and run into the eyes, causing more irritation. Eye creams are specially created to be applied in that area and avoid those issues.
  7. Do use sunscreen. The number one product to use year round is sunscreen. If you use any products that are exfoliants (and I know you do) , it is a must. When you add in winter elements like sun, wind, or rain, its best to be protected.  Ingredients like Zinc in sunscreens help soothe, heal, and protect skin! If you have redness in your skin that never goes away or Rosacea, which is triggered by the sun, it’s best to protect it and keep it safe! Even if you have acne, there are sunscreens that are cosmetically made for your skin. If you have questions, see an acne specialist. Keep in mind that sunscreens expire in a year. So, you cannot save them from  summer to summer.

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7 Ways to Soothe Your Dry Winter Skin
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