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Are you doing The Fix? Awesome! You will love it. It’s the only eating plan I have ever been able to stick with and I pull it out whenever I need to refocus. It has helped me shed pounds and fit into my summer shorts. I love this program. Once you get the hang of it, the portion control system makes it easy to keep track of what you are eating. Here are some of my tips to make it through:

  1. You need some accountability. As a coach, I run monthly online challenge groups to help people stay accountable to their goals. We post recipes and motivation and it’s a great way to stay focused. If you are interested in joining one of my challenge groups, contact me.
  2. The key to success on the Fix is meal planning. Every Sunday, I get out my recipes and plan meals for the week. I am a carb-hound, so those 2 yellow containers are like gold to me. I need to plan each day what meal will get those yellows. If I know I need one for dinner and one for breakfast, I can plan my snacks and lunch around it.
  3. Every week, I make a big salad or a bowl of soup that I can eat for the week. This helps me when I need a quick meal and it helps me work in all those green containers.
  4. It took me a little while to figure out the containers. I use them as measuring cups to portion out my food.
  5. We need to drink a lot of water. This can be the most challenging part. To keep track of it, I have a 20 oz cup and I know I have to fill it at least 3 times each day. Some people fill one huge pitcher each morning and then make sure it’s empty before they go to bed. I mix the water with fruit or cucumber to make it more exciting. I will also drink unsweetened green tea to change it up.
  6. I love Shakeology. It is packed with nutrition and it tastes great. It makes a great quick, healthy breakfast. For the Fix, I also drink my daily shake when I crave sweets. In the afternoon, I usually want to dive head first into a bag of chocolate. Instead of doing that, I make a shake and it solves the problem. Play around to find the best time for you to drink your shake.
  7. Schedule your workouts like you would any other appointment and show up for them.
  8. Sometimes life gets in the way and I end up at a restaurant. It happens and I’m not going to stress out about it. When I’m at a restaurant, I try to order salads with vinaigrette dressing or broth based soup and I keep my hand out of the bread basket. Most restaurants offer healthy options. Just keep your portions under control.
  9. If you are going to a party, offer to bring a dish and bring something healthy and Fix-friendly. Stick with the veggie tray and your dish and you will be good to go. Again, watch your portions. I’ve gone to barbeques and eaten a burger without a bun and the salad I brought. At the end of the day, you will be happy you stayed on track.


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